Alex and Jamie Cook both famously got guitars as Christmas presents when they were teenagers. What could Cookey play that made Alex jealous and determined to “step up my game”?

Fill in the blanks from this 2005 quote. “I don’t want to be a band like ___ ___. I think if we’re next year’s ___ ___, we’ll quit.”

‘When The Sun Goes Down’ was, according to Alex, inspired by a conversation with an engineer at their early practice studio. But where was that studio located?

According to an NME interview in 2006, what did Alex identify as his 'snack of choice'?

Sticking on a food-based theme: in which culinary establishment did Alex and his bandmates reportedly celebrate scoring one of their Number One singles?

Alex went to Stocksbridge High School in Sheffield. Can you identify which of the following didn’t attend the same school?

According to Alex, Arctic Monkeys weren’t always critical darlings. What did he tell NME he had seen his band dismissively described as by a student magazine in October?

Before landing on ‘Suck It And See’, Alex has claimed the band had a few alternative titles lined up for their fourth studio album. Which of the following was not among them?

What was the name of the teacher who first read John Cooper Clarke’s ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ to a student Alex – inspiring him to re-work the poem for a track on ‘AM’?'

Alex compared his lyrics on ‘AM’ to the work of which artist?